DIY Resources

Resources for Parents, Teachers and Students

Below you can see two slide decks we use at some of our events, describing various resources available to students interested in learning more about engineering or picking it up as a hobby.

Resources on "Physical Computing" and Arduino microcontrollers

"Physical Computing" is an engineering discipline and an artform where you build a computer equipped with sensors and capable of interacting with its environment, and program it to perform a well-defined task. It is used everywhere from factory floors[1] to art galleries[2], even in fashion[3].

  1. A factory producing Arduinos while being controlled and automated by other microcontrollers

  2. Senseless Drawing Robot

  3. Climate Dress

Thanks to modern tools and online teaching resources even a middle school student can pick this artform as a hobby.

See more at our "Arduino" resource page.

You can also find more resources in the "field guide" that we developed for the SpinWheel, a programmable electronics kit that we released on Kickstarter from March 16-April 16, 2020. This includes computer science and physics lessons, with a particular focus on using the Arduino platform.